Our Story

Malote began its journey in the world of Interior Design in 2010. Located in Viseu, a project that emerges as the realization of a dream, is the reflection of a lot of work and effort. Company of Design, Architecture and decoration of interiors, led by civil engineer Cláudia Rocha and architect Maria João Baptista proposes to present solutions that allow you to realize the dreams of your clients.

Projects that mark by the refinement elegance and sobriety of the chosen materials

The MALOTE signature projects use internationally recognized brands for both design and quality. "We have partnerships with some internationally recognized brands that mark the design, quality and uniqueness of their parts." Along with these partnerships, they show pride in marking their projects with national products and working with the best craftsmen, they argue that the national product has quality and begins to distinguish itself internationally. The Malote project started with only design objects, as a complement to the decoration, "this allowed us to be closer to the public," and then moved on to interior projects, large-scale projects in sectors such as hospitality and design projects for housing. "The projects that we are proposing always comply with strict quality criteria, both in the design of space, in the accompaniment and work, in the selection of materials (furniture, tapestries, fabrics, lighting) and in the choice of all decorative elements ". They reveal that they are always aware of new national trends. "The use of noble woods, the touch and the texture of the natural firings like the linen, the natural stones like the marble", all these materials since harmoniously conjugated result in comfortable and elegant environments. "Our work is distinguished by the perfect combination of the rigor of engineering and the aesthetic sense of architecture, with the glamor, refinement and elegance of the decoration. All design elements are chosen in a harmonious way, always focused on the fial client. We tried to create exquisite and balanced environments in both shapes and textures, "says Maria joão, who also points out that functionality and quality are one of the most important aspects in the projects they create. They also have some interior rehabilitation projects in hand. Its target audience is mainly in the region of Viseu, widening periodically to Lisbon, Porto and Algarve. With a view to the future, Malote's intention is to grow with its own design and for this, it is necessary to invest in knowledge, both technical and production, aiming at constant updating of trends, always favoring the brands that represent and defend the image of the company.